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All the furore over David Cameron’s Flasham routines at question time in the House of Commons ignores the fact that the Prime Minister’s first claim to fame was his ability to write punchy one-line political put downs.


And despite criticism of his bullying manner and chauvinistic use of Michael Winner’s jibe “Calm down, dear, calm down” against the Labour MP Angela Eagle, it is quite apparent that Cameron cannot resist putting the boot in and raising a laugh. 

Appointing two hard-nosed national newspaper journalists to the top posts of chief strategist and media spokesman is the clearest indication that Ed Miliband believes the quickest route to establishing his authority in the Labour Party is by exploiting the news media.

A top priority for the new Labour leader Ed Miliband is to appoint a media strategist who has the authority to help develop a disciplined message and then try to enforce it across a fractious party.Another psycho-drama is already unfolding fuelled by the divisive negative briefings which are the legacy of New Labour.

By boosting his staff in Downing Street with a personal photographer and his own video-blogger David Cameron has jeopardised one of the coalition’s most successful pr strategies, the story line that the new government had turned its back on spin.   

In his television documentary – Five Days That Changed Britain – the BBC’s political editor Nick Robinson chides himself for his failure to have predicted that in the event of an inconclusive general election David Cameron might attempt to establish a coalition government. I too was taken totally by surprise by the boldness of Cameron’s ‘big, open and comprehensive’ offer to Nick Clegg and his skill in negotiating a deal that paved the way for a joint Conservative-Liberal Democrat administration.